My Journey with makeup, Beauty blogging, makeup workshops and now a YouTuber!

It is never too late for a new beginning, a new adventure, a new excitement and a new way to let your passion flow!

After a two year journey in beauty blogging, I now see myself leaping onto newer grounds to unleash my passion for the art of Makeup. The only way to make your dreams come true is to relentlessly chase them without giving up on yourself until you see yourself living your dream.

How and when did I discover my passion for makeup?

As a kid, I always loved drawing, painting, art and craft. I have always noticed that my right brain was more active than my left. I spent hours sketching, painting nature scenes and winning every drawing competition during my childhood. I would just get so indulged in the art and loose track of time. I often believe that this inner love to lose myself in art is what transformed into a passion to look at makeup as an art form to unleash my creativity. When I think about when I had my first encounter with makeup, It takes me back down memory lane to when I was a little girl of 10-12 years of age. A memory of me watching my mom getting ready for work everyday. My mom is a teacher and I have unconsciously drawn my deepest inspiration from her. Every morning, I remember standing as a little girl beside the dressing table, admiring my mummy drawing her big beautiful eyes with Kajal, eyeliner and mascara. She has some scrumptious lashes I must say! As she did her eyes each morning, she would teach me be thankful to God for how we have been created, she talked to me about how important it is for a girl to be well groomed, carrying herself with confidence and grace. Although she always emphasised more on beauty from within, reflecting Godly natures of kindness, patience, compassion, love, meekness, self respect and strength; I was drawn by how these inner characteristics are also emanated by the way a lady carries herself with a contagious smile and impeccable class. That’s why they say, a kind smile is the best makeup a girl can wear!

How did I get into beauty blogging?

Most of you may not be aware that I work as a HR professional and pursue makeup as my passion during the weekends. 2016 was a life changing year, when I invested a lot of energy and mind space in self reflection, self discovery towards the purpose of living and a time that brought out the best in me. I took a short break from work life and travelled extensively to gain a larger perspective of how unfathomable and beautiful life is! I had a lot of time at hand during those few months with no pressure to meet deadlines or be a part of the mad corporate race. Phew! I must say, It was such a pleasure to live solely to discover the most real aspects of life, people, cultures, untouched nature, human emotions, meaningful relationship bonds that matter in our life, ultimate purpose of our living, spiritual revelation, soul stirring music and eventually came back to life- the creative side of me. These are aspects that we often choose to overlook or don’t have time for. Often times people run after limelight, achievements, goals, ambitions, money or competition as a means to prove something to others or themselves. Well, I am deeply convicted that being better than others is not as important as being the best version of you! What have you gained in all this world if you managed to win it all, but lost yourself?!

Well, to keep it short, That was the time in my life when I explored an urge to be expressive through writing and putting my thoughts and experiences into words. I started my blogging journey to share my travel diaries and to put my creativity out there in the form of makeup. I began blogging with the intent of putting my authentic self out there and to embrace my true self with the hope of being an inspiration to atleast one person out there who can relate to me. I found greater joy in offering something back to this world rather than jus focusing on what we can take from it. The beautiful irony of life is that the more you give, the more you will be filled!

Why YouTube?

I was thoroughly enjoying my blogging journey for these years and now it was time for me to up my game to the next level! 😉

Initially I was very sceptical about YouTubing and extremely conscious about being judged, criticised or even made fun of. There were days I used to binge watch so many great beauty vloggers out there; but me being on YouTube was literally the last thing on my mind! If I have to be honest, It took me a while to gather the confidence to embrace myself, make peace with my imperfections, get past life’s not so great experiences, to love and see myself the way God sees me rather than how humans may perceive. When you begin to see yourself through the eyes of those who love you the most, you will begin to live life to the fullest! And yes, none of these ventures have ever been about fame or the number of followers or any sort of monetary gain that would come along. It was always about putting my authentic self out there and to offer an aspect of me to this world that’s unique. There’s only one You and we ought to value how uniquely we are created to be different from each other. So why not have more fun with ourselves?!

A glimpse of my makeup workshops

I am definitely grateful to my greatest encouragement and fuel factor for all my efforts- Rebecca and Madonna. You two have been such constants!! And of course my hubby who fills my life with such an unconditional love and support in all my endeavours. One evening, they literally spoke me into creating my YouTube channel without overthinking Lol! What more would a person need than for someone who would stand by you in all of life’s ups and downs, to undoubtedly believe in you even more than you believe in yourself?! So yea, I jus took a giant leap into a new avenue to have some fun with makeup! It gave a voice and a face and literally brought more life to express my thoughts, ideas and creativity. I definitely encourage more of you to let go of your inhibitions, have fun with YouTube or blogging or anything in your life that is intimidating you or standing in between you and your dream. Go ahead and share your version of life’s experiences to the world and live life king size!

Click Here to check out my YouTube Channel

Do check out my YouTube channel and share your thoughts in the comments section for each video. You can also request for specific videos that you would like me to create. You may Subscribe to be notified for every upcoming post.

So yea, this is just the beginning of a much bigger journey of living life to the fullest with no regrets! In this blog post I’ve been as vulnerable and honest as possible to share all my thoughts through my makeup journey and how I took my first step into YouTube with you all.

I hope you enjoyed reading it!


Cynthia Robinson

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  1. Jennifer says:

    U lukng so beautiful akka.. superb

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sylvia says:

    Beautifully written. You are going places soon so better brace yourself! Wishing you the very best in your makeup venture. Your skill is so good. It wud be a shame to not share it with others.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your constant encouragement and kind words of support Sylvia, means a lot! ❤️


  3. chandini89 says:

    What a journey!! Good luck girl 😘👍🏽

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ywwp says:

    good to know about you – great journey…

    Liked by 1 person

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