Caked Lip Fondants and the Corioliss style stick! 

I am so excited to share with you guys about these Caked Lip Fondant liquid lipsticks from Caked makeup, an indie makeup company.

Well to start off with, I must say that it is definitely as yummy as it sounds!

The first thing that I noticed about the Caked lip fondants is their super cute packaging with donuts all over and icing dripping on the top of the tubes and donut sprinkles all over the box. Look at how adorable they look!! 😍

They have their C shaped donut logo on top of the box and on the tube. These liquid lipsticks come in a range of shades and since the tubes are transparent, you can clearly see the colour of the lipstick when it is stacked in your vanity.

Before I go ahead and talk about the actual product , I think it deserves all this raving about how well thought through and adorable the packaging  looks.

The best is yet to come… When you apply these liquid lipsticks with the soft doe foot applicator, it surprises you with a scent of delicious vanilla cupcake frosting with a hint of coconut flavour to it. It smells deliciously divine that I almost want to eat it!

The consistency of these lipies is of a moussey texture that goes on like a cream and instantly dries up within seconds, giving an opaque coverage. It is so light weight, that it feels like nothing on the lips. Although it completely dries up, it does not settle within the fine lines or crease as much as the usual ultra matte liquid lipsticks. The perfect way to describe the formulation is almost like they have put a lipstick in a blender and diluted it to get that moussey texture to it that goes on so smoothly on the lips. I also noticed that everytime I pull it out the applicator, it picks a very little amount of the product and I don’t have to worry about wasting the excess of it.

The ingredients in the formulation is mentioned on the box and consists of solvents, emulsifiers, vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Caked Lip fondants are vegan and cruelty free. You can check out for more information on this.

Caked makeup is distributed from Tampa,Florida and you get 7ml of product for 1250rs , which is pretty impressive and a lot of product compared to the regular liquid lipsticks out there…

The shades that were sent to me by caked makeup are:

  • Creme de la creme
  • QT
  • Low key
  • Sweet tooth
  • Jelly

I am going to share with you guys some hand and lip swatches of how they look on olive to medium skin tones.

Top-Bottom: Creme de la creme, QT, Low key, sweet tooth and Jelly.

These are swatches of how it looks outdoors in day light…

Remember to exfoliate your lips and moisturise it with a lip balm before you apply any matte liquid lipstick for seamless application and long wear.

Creme de la creme is a nude brown with a very slight hint of grey. It kind of reminds me of beeper from Colourpop. What I love about this shade is that it does not wash me out and is almost the perfect nude for my skin tone. This shade is absolutely wearable and you can carry it off as an everyday colour for work and it looks stunning  for a night out with an intense smokey eye as well.

QT is a subtle pink with coral undertones. This shade is my least favourite among the 5 that I have, simply because I have to really make it work with a darker lip liner to match my skin tone. It tends to wash me out a bit, if I don’t have a full face of makeup on. However, it would be very flattering  on lighter skin tones.

Low key is a muted rosey pink. Like the name suggests, it is not too bright and not too subtle either..just in between. It is a colour that you would want to reach out to, if you are going for an elegant and pretty look.

Sweet tooth is a dark pink with bright red undertones. This colour instantly brightens up the face and is perfect for summer and spring. On a lazy summer day, when you don’t want to really go bold on your eyes but still want to look all put together, all you have to do is wing out your eyeliner and add a pop of sweet tooth!

Jelly!!!! Is my absolute favourite of all these shades. Well yes, I was saving the best dessert for the last. Jelly is such a fun, stunning bright purplish pink or rather a pink based purple with blue undertones. It adds a bold pop of colour to the entire look and looks fabulous on olive skin tones. If there’s just one shade that you would be picking up from their caked collection, I would say go for this one. It is unique and so much fun! ;P

What I love about these Caked Lip fondants:

  • 100% Vegan and cruelty free
  • Highly pigmented in just one swipe
  • Moussey texture and non creasing
  • No streakiness or flaking or settling in the fine lines of the lips
  • 100% Transfer proof and kiss proof
  • Extremely long wearing, lasts all day
  • A lot of product in one tube-7ml/.24Fl Oz
  • Super cute packaging
  • Delicious smell, oh I love it!

What could have been better? 

  • Slightly over priced in my opinion, but all the pros about this lipstick really makes me overlook that as well. I mean, why not?!

If you are from India, you can order these lovely lipies from Beauty Tales. They are the official distributors for Caked makeup in India. They have been very kind to send me five of their shades to share my honest first opinion and detailed review of the product. I must say that I am totally loving these sweet treats and definitely would recommend it to all you ladies out there! Thanks a ton beautyTales 🙂

With the Corioliss style stick super thin styling wand, you can now create these tight afro retro curls or loose waves with so much ease and flaunt your lovely curls. Even the most straight or silky hair will curl up to this wand in seconds. Corioliss styling rage is now available at 40% off on Nykaa

What do you think about this new look? 😛😜


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  1. Padmavathi says:

    I like the low key lipstick…

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  2. gurlynimi says:

    It’s popping it looks great on you

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  3. emma says:

    i love all the shades on you cynthia….even the one you don’t like😁…i will definitely check them out…great review…well detailed…i love the fact they put so much details on packaging…

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it Emma 🤗


  4. Unknown says:

    Hey your blog is sooo inspiring! You write about something you love to do! And this has inspired me to write about something what I love. Thanks!

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    1. Aww that’s sweet of you to share 🤗 Send me your blog link, I would love to check out what you are passionate about as well..


  5. Shiny says:

    Sweet tooth looks so pretty on you! I think I’ll give it a try too!

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  6. Nagila says:

    Love low key followed by sweet tooth!!

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