Olifair Radiant Night cream-A miracle potion for hyperpigmentation! 

Yet another fairness cream? Well No!

We Asians have heard of ever so many fairness creams and their commercials with all their fancy promises of lightening you're skin tone in just three weeks, like voila it will transform you into the most desired girl in college and even overrated to the extent of becoming a Celebrity over night! Unfortunately these brands have been absolutely deceiving and are guilty of creating such false images of beauty and perfection. Although I strongly believe that each of us are uniquely beautiful in our own skin tone, be it white, olive, dusky, chocolate or dark chocolate; I must say that every girl wants that ultimate solution to signs of skin damage or aging such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation, discolouration and dark circles. Who doesn't want a uniform healthy flawless skin tone?!

Every single day, we are exposed to dust, pollution, UV rays and heat that can result in prominent discolouration and darker patches around the forehead or around the mouth. Stressful lifestyles or habits of constant rubbing of the skin  cause a lot of men and women to suffer with dark circles, black spots and hyperpigmentation.

The natural home remedies that do work when used over a long period of time are tomatoes, Lime and honey, turmeric has antibacterial/antifungal properties and Potatoes are great tan removers too!

However, what if there is one magical product with natural ingredients that has been time tested in ayurveda like "Saffron" as the core ingredient, that actually works and lives up to what it claims ?????

My bestie, Madonna introduced me to this ultimate transforming  product that has made such a huge difference to me. Thanks to her!  Olifair Radiant night cream-When I saw visible results of how it has worked on me and on my friend, I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you guys!

The Olifair Radiant effect-Night Cream is made from premium Nature quality components developed by modern cosmetic Technology. It is manufactured by Olifair Scharlap & Gentle, at Hamburg Germany. It is formulated for all skin types, for both men and women. This Night cream is enriched with Triticum Sativum Carrot Seed Oil, which nourishes the skin and also makes it luminescent and radiant. This cream contains botanical rosemary which even tones the skin, reduces the darkness and patchiness and smoothens the skin texture. The description 'claims' that the unique Pearls Powder in Olifair Fairness Cream is an effective skin lightening compound while Linalool , a naturally occurring chemical found in many flowers and spice plants helps protect the skin against oxidative damage.

It is recommended to be used every night after cleansing you're skin with a deep cleanser. I use the neutrogena deep pore cleanser. Then, Gently pat a small amount of the product on you're skin without forcefully rubbing it into the pores. As you can see, the product is yellow and it does coat the skin with a slight yellowish tint after application. The packaging is in this beautiful sturdy glass pot with a golden lid to it. The fragrance is fresh and refreshing, the smell is typical of a herbal or natural product, although it does contain glycerin and a few other chemical ingredients as mentioned in the box below. It also comes with instructions to apply and cautions in case you may experience any irritation, although I have personally not experienced any such discomfort.

Olifair is available in parts of Europe and you can also purchase it on Amazon or flipkart. I had to do a small research before I ordered it, to ensure I buy it from a reliable vendor by checking for vendor reviews before purchase to make sure I don't get a fake product. I got this for Rs.1099/- and I do feel it's definitely worth the buy!

Olifair is also recommended as safe for sensitive skin and I must say, it works really well on oily skin as it results in making you're skin feel matte and healthy. I have normal to dry skin, so I prefer to retain the moisture and hydration on my skin as I allow my skin to rejenuate and breathe through the night. To hydrate, I use a couple of drops of Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum just before I go ahead and apply the Olifair night cream. I allow this portion to work on me throughout the night and wash it off in the morning with a cleansing wash. Through the day, ensure you have a day cream or a hydrating sunscreen to protect yourself from further sun damage and to see faster visible results.


To my absolute surprise, I noticed a visible difference within 5 days of using Olifair and that got me excited to see what wonders it could do to my skin, if I continued using it! Over  10-15 days, the hyperpigmentation had considerably vanished and I noticed that my skin is now more even toned without any discolouration. You can continue to use it until you visibly notice you're skin being transformed from how it was earlier. I wish I had a before and after picture to share with you guys. I wouldn't call it a skin lightening or fairness cream but it definitely works to reverse any sort of skin damage and thereby resulting in a more radiant and flawless complexion.

Yes! Olifair Radiant Night Cream is truely an unsung hero!

Do share you're thoughts and comments on how it has worked for you if you have already tried this product out or if you wish to try out in the future. Do let me know if you would also like me to do a detailed review on the Estée Lauder Advanced night repair serum.




32 thoughts on “Olifair Radiant Night cream-A miracle potion for hyperpigmentation! 

  1. Wow Cynthia , this seems to be a must try once ! Honestly even I have given up on claims that products make to lighten skin , even skin tone etc etc and doing away with chemical based products as much as I can and banking on simplest Home remedies

    But I trust your reviews and definitely will give this a shot once😊 …do keep posted on how this fairs on long run .. keep posting 💅💄👍

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    1. I’m sure you will love it Smitha. At first even I was very sceptical about this product and tried it out only cos a trusted friend recommended it to me, but I must say I was happy with the results so far ☺️ Thank you for reading, I’m so glad you liked it 😬


  2. This looks like a great product especially for getting even tone skin..Will defnitely try this product as my skin has dark and light patches due to sunexposure.

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  3. Thank you dear.I have a damaged hyperpigmented skin and Image tried several treatment nd home remedies. Hope this will do wonders on my skin.I will definitely try this one Thank you once again

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    1. It’s a very very useful cream and it’s amazing. I started using it from last month.The change on my face is surprising. I was fed up with its treatment, but thank God atleast I got this cream..It is really very effective, believe me.

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    2. Personally, I have not experienced any such side effects or acne for the past 4 months. On the contrary, It has worked well and has resulted in visible reduction of hyper pigmentation. However, I would like to say that it may be different for people with sensitive skin who are acne prone. This review is purely based on my personal experience.


  4. Hi there,
    Came across your blog while was reading up about Olifair night cream. I was using this product for 3 months and the product finished, Of course the outcome was great while using it, I saw the difference probably in less than a week. However, i stopped using it because it finished and i couldn’t purchased it from the stockist as she is out of stock. After about 2 weeks, i realized my face got slightly darker, duller and my acne scars/black spots became more visible day by day. I won’t say I am having major discoloration at this point, however i am just worried that my skin will continue becoming darker as day passes by (olifair withdrawal effect?) Have you ever stopped the product and for few weeks and realized your skin turning darker and duller?


    1. The thing about this cream is, you will be able to observe drastic difference in skin tone and reduction of hyper pigmentation within just few days of using it… and over time we get used to seeing our new brighter complexion… when my first box got over and I stopped using it for while, I did notice a slight reduction in brightness… however it never went back to the original state of hyper pigmentation or dullness… So my inference is, you may notice dullness when you don’t use the cream as compared to the results we see while using it meticulously . This is probably because it isn’t a permanent effect since we are constantly exposed to heat, Uv rays which causes melanin to secrete back again. Overall I definitely am happy that the extent of pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes has considerably reduced to what it was and has considerably evened out my skin tone.


  5. Would like to know are you still using this product! Like u said, u stopped the cream for a while. Will be happy if u share ur exp how u r managing it to use. I was so concerned s just bcz earlier I used skin lite cream for 45 days without knowing the harmful side effects. I was so happy for those 45 days about my skin complexion. Later when i stopped using skin lite cream I became really darker than my original color ad also pigmented . Thn I met a dermatologist whr I paid a huge amt f myoney to get back my normal color.. so I would be really helpful if yu share your experience on using olifair radiant night cream. How yu r practicing it? Is this cream should be used life long to maintain the color? Wht will happen if I stop applying tht cream?

    Eagerly waiting for your response & thank you in advance ….


    1. Hey like I mentioned earlier, I did stop using it for a while Cos I was too caught up with other things or jus din get enough time to focus on my skin care routine too much.. To answer your question again, I think I clearly mentioned that what I noticed was a slight reduction in brightness of my skin tone when I did not use it…However, my original state of hyperpigmentation or dark spots never came back even after I dint use this cream for over couple of months…. Now I use it may be like once in three days and I have personally never experienced any sort of side effects while using the product or while discontinuing my routine…
      Having said this, You know ur skin best and different skin could react uniquely even to the best of products available out there.. So if you sense slight itchiness or any sort of discomfort while using this product, you can check with your dermatologist and not use it anymore. I hope this helps dear!


  6. I’m very happy with this Cream, I got a good result but my question is can I stop using this cream ?? Because I got a beautiful and bright face now, if I stop using this cream will I turn back before I was ??
    I’m little afried of that, Can I stop this cream or I need to countinoue this Cream ?? Plz answer me.


    1. just stop using this cream for a week and see what happens though v knw this s not a permanent fair cream.. My dermatologist told me tht this cream doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.. it’s safe to use until v don’t feel comfortable. & plz don’t forget to share your experience….


  7. Hai friend really is not good product? Please tell me where i should buy this product and where you are getting from it? Please sister reply me as well as how many days i should use it


  8. I have a doubt …iam using this cream fr the past 3 days ..but immediately after applying this cream I’m sweating . Is this common or anything harmful??


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