My MAC lipsticks


My MAC lipstick collection has been a long pending post and a one that all you makeup junkies love to read! MAC offers an extensive range of lipstick formulations in their amplified, creamsheen, matte, retro matte and lustre lipstick collections.

Choosing a colour that you’re looking for and ensuring that it compliments your skin tone can be quite a challenge! We girls love to do our own little research and look up for online swatches to see if the colour would compliment our skin tone. I have listed out the top few options for each colour, just to make it easier and narrow down the options for all you MAC lovers out there looking for shades that compliments Indian skin tones. So next time you walk into a MAC store, you know exactly what you wana try on…

Brown Nudes – Retro /Brick o la/ Mocha/ Taupe/ Persistence/ spirit

Pink Nudes- Creme in your coffee/ Twig/ Mehr/ Cosmo/Honesty

Muted Plum- Captive/ Amorous

Fuschia- Girl about town/ All fired up/ Impassioned/Flat out fabulous

Violet/Purple- Heroine / Up the amp

Red- Ruby woo/ Russian Red

Orange- Landry danger /So chaud

Deep Marasala- Diva /Sin

Deep plum- Fashion revival/ Instigator/ Rebel/ smoked purple 

Deep chocolate- Viva Glam III/ Verve/ Paramount

Metallic – Bronze shimmer

My MAC lipstick collection isn’t very extensive and I have like 8 of them and they are:




R-L: Amorous, Retro, Touch, Captive,Heroine, Ruby woo, lady danger and bronze shimmer. 

Amorous is a cool muted plum shade from their satin range and is a gorgeous shade that compliments the warm Indian skin tones. It’s highly pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. The formulation is long wearing and easily blendable. 

Retro is the most stunning neutral lipstick which is a little darker than the traditional nudes for  NC 42 skin tone. It is a lovely rust nude brown with a tinge of  red undertone, that compliments warm undertones without washing us out. Retro is again satin finish and is very similar to amorous in the texture and formulation. The satin lipsticks are not particularly moisturising but they are non drying either. They last for a good 6 to 7 hours and is perfect for work! 

Touch is a lustre lipstick with a natural finish. It is a warm brown neutral lipstick. This is a full coverage brown nude with a sheen finish making it appear slightly glossy. It has a lot of lustre that extenuates and moisturises the lips. Touch looks very pretty when paired with a smokey eye. 

Captive is my favourite colour from the MAC collection. It is a gorgeous pink brown with muted plum undertones. It looks very pretty on almost all skin tones and is of satin finish. Captive is quite similar to amorous when it is swatched, except that captive is a more of a neutral pink than amorous which is more of a neutal plum. 

Heroine is a bright true purple with strong blue undertones. This was my first MAC lipstick. It is a satin lipstick but somehow the texture on me seems more matte than the other satin lipsticks. The formulation tends to get dry on my lips and settle in the fine lines after a couple of hours. Nevertheless, it is a very bold and beautiful colour that definitely makes you stand out! 

Ruby woo is the most loved true red lipstick by MAC that has been a universal favourite throughout the world for almost every skin tone.It is from their retro matte collection and is a red with blue undertones, making the teeth look whiter and your smile look prettier. This one is perfect for a date night or even for your wedding day! 

Lady danger is a bright warm orange semi matte lipstick. The warm undertones compliments Indian skin tones. The formulation however can be quite drying. It works well if the lips are exfoliated and moisturised before application. Lady danger and so Chand are the most loved orange lipsticks from MAC. 


Bronze shimmer is a a warm copper with metallic finish. It’s from their frost lipstick collection and is perfect to top it over a base darker lipstick for a festive mettalic ombré or you can even wear it on it’s own. 

img_9240Heroine is the bold beauty that stands out img_9241

Amorous, captive, retro and touch are such pretty everyday colours that flatters Indian skin tones so beautifully.img_9242

Which one of these is your favourite MAC lipstick? Do share your thoughts, comments and suggestions if you think there’s a shade that I must add to my collection..  

Hope you guys enjoyed reading 🤗

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  1. nayardt says:

    Really informative post!

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  2. everlastingnikita says:

    My favorite MAC lipstick is Angel. It’s my go-to MAC product

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  3. Joanna says:

    I think I’ll give Captive or heroine a try 🤔

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