Jacklyn Hill X Becca – The champagne collection face palette by Sephora 

I finally got my hands on Jacklyn Hills’ collaboration with Becca’s stunning champagne collection face palette.

It comes in the most gorgeous Champage packaging with white and champagne gold sparkles on it. The palette is sleek and so handy to slip it into my purse.I totally love the huge mirror and the inside of the palette being gold as well, adds to the touch of luxury.

This palette has blushes and highlighters. Jackyn hill has always loved the formulation of Becca cosmetics and has raved about it for years. When they both come together to create something like this, it’s surely something to look forward to. The palette comes with three blushes and two highlighters

When Jackyn hill comes out with a palette, how can she not have her best selling highlighter in “Champagne pop”. Champagne pop is the most gorgeous peachy champagne gold highlighter that looks amazing on all skin tones and happens to be a universal favourite. It’s known for its flattering mineralised texture and intensity. In this palette, she also created a new shade of highlighter called “Prosecco pop”. Prosecco pop is champagne pop’s little sister with a similar champagne tint but has more of a pure golden and bronzy undertone.


Champagne pop and Prosecco pop- I love using these gorgeous highlighters on the high points of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid’s bow.
Love the way Prosecco pop reflects the sunlight and illuminates the high points of the cheeks
The mirror that comes with this palette is perfect and comes handy to carry around while travelling

Ever since I got this palette, I’ve found myself gravitating towards  Prosecco pop more frequently than I use the champagne pop.

To get this rose gold look: Eyes-Mac Cranberry and Coppering; Lips: Miss claire lip cream in 08; soft contour- Amaretto; Blush-Pamplemousse and rose spritz;Highlight- Champagne pop and Prosecco pop

This golden beauty also comes with three pretty blushes in three different colours and textures.

The first one-Pamplemousse, is a bright satin blush in a bright pinkish peachy coral.This one kind of reminded me of winter flushed cheeks.

The second blush-Amaretto is a classy matte brown, that is perfect for everyday wear.

The third one-Rose Spritz is a gorgeous peachy radiant shimmer blush with golden shimmer in it. The golden shimmer is definitely visible but it is not a glittery gold but a rather ‘lit from within’kind of a glowy gold, that looks absolutely stunning on the cheeks. It reminds me of the highly raved about Nars blush in Orgasm and happens to be my favourite of the three blushes.

This palette has quickly become a favouite of all the makeup junkies out there. For those of you from India, You can get this lovely from the beautytales website for Rs3500.

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  1. shaunz says:

    Beautiful palette and makeup

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      1. shaunz says:

        you’re welcome 😉

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  2. khalida says:

    You are looking gorgeous girl!! 🙂

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  3. chandini89 says:

    Lovely lovely! beautiful pigments and beautiful you ❤
    Plus one for the no-kajal look 😀

    P.S. BeautyTales is now selling it for a whopping Rs. 5090! http://beautytales.co.in/website/product_view/223

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  4. jkbeautytake says:

    I love your post! I’d love for your to check out my post on the Champagne Pop highlighter


    Thank you! Xo

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  5. Tosom says:

    Beautiful palette & gorgeous you! 😌

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  6. GiltsandGlamz says:

    So pretty 😍😍

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