Makeup Hack-Nivea after shave Balm as a Primer

To start off with, let’s talk about my favourite primer : The benefit pore- fessional primer has been my most used primer for months now. It does an amazing job at smoothening out my skin and minimising the appearance of pores. It makes my makeup stay put all day, giving a very matte and smooth velvet like appearance to the skin. Love it ❤️

Although there are ever so many primers in the market, There has been a spotlight on a product that is catching everyone’s attention. Yeah !!! I had to try out “The Nivea Men after shave balm” to see how it works as a primer and if it’s worth all that hype! It felt kind of odd to try out a men’s product on my face, especially when it smells like a typical after shave balm. Well, I still went ahead and gave it a shot because this product is manufactured for sensitive skin.

The Nivea after shave balm is of a white liquid like slimy consistency. The formulation contains glycerin as the main ingredient which makes your makeup stick on and stay in place for many hours, Making it a great primer!!  It leaves a cooling effect on my skin once I apply it. Since the consistency is very liquidy,You may have to wait for a few mins until it sets on the skin before you go ahead and apply your foundation over it. Nikkie from Nikkie tutorials discovered this awesome beauty hack by accident and when Kathleen from Kathleen lights swears by it; It’s gotta be something you shouldn’t miss out on!!

Using this product as a base, Keeps my makeup fresh , like I just applied it and makes it last all day long without smudging or moving around for more than 6 hours. It comes in a sturdy white glass bottle with 100 ml of product for only ₹225! 

Overall, When our holy grail primers like smashbox photo ready primer, Two faced hangover primer and the Benefit pore-fessional primers kind of does a similar job for more than 5 times its price… The Nivea after shave balm is something you should definitely consider..

Please share your comments, experiences and thoughts on how this product has worked on you..


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