Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes 

UrbanDecay has the best eyeshadow palettes with the most beautifully pigmented texture to their eyeshadows.. The Naked original and the Naked 3 palettes were the most hyped about palettes from their entire collection. These palettes were on my wish list for very long and infact, was my first high end makeup purchase… So it’s indeed very special to me❤️

The Naked palette features 12 gorgeous warm neutral eyeshadows shades of gold, bronze, taupes, Browns and grays in it. It has a soft velvet flip cover packaging with a mirror and an eyeshadow brush comes handy with the palette. It is perfect to own as your first palette, as it pretty much has all the neutral colours you would need to create different eye looks, making it the most versatile eyeshadow palette in my opinion.

Naked and Buck are matte in texture. Buck is a great transition shade. I use Sin to highlight the inner corners of my eye and the brow bone.I totally Love it’s pigmentation and colour.

Sidecar is a beautiful taupe and Half baked is the most gorgeous  gold that flatters all skin tones and great to wear for an occasion.

Smog and dark horse are bronze shades. Toasted is also one of my favourite and most used of the palette.

The Naked 3 palette is a rose gold toned neutral eyeshadow palette with 3 matte and 9 shimmery satin shades. It comes in a sturdy rose gold metal packaging with a clapse closure, a huge mirror and a high quality soft eye shadow brush that comes with it.

Love the unique rosy mettalic neutral shades that make palette a total beauty! My favourite and most used shades are Buzz, trick and black heart.

Liar, factory and mugshot are pretty and very wearable shades of taupe and grays. Black heart is an intense black shadow with gorgeous purple/plum shimmer particles in it.. Everytime I use this palette, I end up creating a look that I havn’t tried out before.. The colours are easy to play with and very buildable..

Swatches :Top row- Naked, Bottom row- Naked 3 palette.

A few other brands like Maybelline and Makeup revolution have attempted to create dupes of these palettes, but have never managed to meet the quality and colour pay off offered by Urban Decay. These Jewels are priced at $54 each, a must have in your makeup collection!


14 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes 

  1. I am glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 Its true that UD’s eyeshadows are the best hands down and I am sure you will enjoy using the Naked 3 palette if you have the 2nd one already..

    I know it seems quite expensive for a palette, but it comes with 12 beautiful shades, which makes it just 4.5$ for a single eyeshadow. The pigmentation is too pretty to be duped in my opinion. It is definitely worth the splurge coz its gonna last you forever and you wouldn’t regret buying it !


  2. Ahh I am massive UD fun! I own Naked 3 and it is wonderfull palette. Shades buzz and trick are also one of my faves! I am also loving their mirrors which come with it 😀

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