My night time skincare routine 

Beauty is indeed skin deep! Your skin acts as the canvas for any makeup that goes on it and it’s absolutely important to pamper and treat your skin every night for a healthier and glowing skin.

When we lay asleep during the night, Our skin regenerates and repairs itself from all the damage such as dark spots, acne and hyperpigmentation caused due to exposure to UV rays, dust, pollution and heat. When we sleep, Our blood vessels dilate and increase the oxygen supply to the skin. That’s why night time is best time to treat your skin with the required antioxidants, moisture and essential nutrients to help with the healing process.


Remove your makeup : I remove all of my foundation, primer, eye liner, mascara and lipstick with the   Neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover. I have tried quite a few brands, but this one easily takes off even very intense khol makeup or thick layers of mascara in just one swipe and I have been using this for years now.
I like to use the neutrogena oil free eye makeup remover paired up with Kara deep pore cleansing wipes(contains Jojoba and Avocado).

Face wash with tea tree oil: Once I  take off my makeup, It is good to use a face wash that contains tea tree oil to remove the excess sweat and oil. Tea tree oil is an amazing essential oil for those of you with oily skin. It instantly changes how my skin feels making it more cleaner and softer. I use the Nyassa tea tree face wash with all natural ingredients. My other favourite one is the Body shop tea tree skin cleansing face wash.

Deep cleanse with Neutrogena deep pore cleanser : This is a dermatologist- tested product. It works in two ways: First, it cleanses deep down into the pores and dissolves all the dirt, oil and makeup. Then it removes the dead cells from the surface that can dry, roughen and full your complexion. It rinses clean without any pore clogging residue, leaving the skin healthier, fresher and it instantly makes the skin feel softer and smoother.

Toner- ” Apple Cider Vinegar”: I can’t tell you enough of how much of a magical ingredient this is with numerous health benefits. Apple cider vinegar is like a healing portion for your skin. I like to dab it all over my face with a cotton pad and allow it to sink into my skin for a minute. Remember to dilute the vinegar with water before you apply it directly on to your skin.

Choose a good face oil: Once all of the apple cider vinegar has been absorbed into my skin, I go ahead and apply a few drops of Cold pressed Jojoba oil and gently massage my face. Jojoba oil is a balancing oil that helps to produce the right amounts of oil in the skin.It can be used as a lip balm as well. Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E and reduces the appearance of pores over time. It does not leave a greasy or tacky feeling , as it gets easily absorbed and moisturises the skin. When I wake up the next day I love the natural glow and shine it leaves on my face.

Moisturise your skin with Olay White radiance Moisturiser : I like to add a very small amount of Olay white radiance moisturiser over the Jojoba oil to ensure that my skin is hydrated even more and moisturised through the night. Those of you with dry skin,You would definitely enjoy the feeling of this cream on your skin. If you prefer to use only natural products,You can use pure Aloe vera gel instead.

Castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes : Lastly, I like to quickly grab an eyebrow brush and dip it in some castor oil and apply it over my eyebrows and lashes to accelerate hair growth.Gone are the days when the sculpted thin high raised eyebrows were in, Now it’s all about flaunting a thick and natural brow..

You could even treat your under eye dark circles with a good overnight eye cream or green tea bags over your eyelids for a few minutes before you fall asleep…

Well that’s my night time skin care routine. Get a good 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep and allow your skin to breathe during the night, without covering your face with a blanket.

Whatever said and done, Your inner health is reflected on the face.. So always keep yourself hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of warm water, eat healthy, Include antioxidants like green tea,carrots,beets and apple cider vinegar as part of your diet, manage the stress levels in your life and smile more often to truely own a radiant skin that is healthy from within 🙂



17 thoughts on “My night time skincare routine 

  1. Also try johnsons baby oil for removing heavy makeup n kohl and it works wonders ! And thermal water from Vichy or la Roche posay befor toner is a great try too 😄 great blogging cynthia …keep sharing !

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    1. Apple cider vinegar is such a miracle product! Trust me! Both for medical reasons and as a great skin care product.. It conditions my hair , tones my skin, cures my soar throat, maintains great gut health and also helps in weight loss😉 It is such a staple !

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  2. I love your blog, Cynthia! You are very talented and all your reviews are on point. Bio oil is also pretty good to use overnight as an alternative to jojoba oil. Cheers!

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