Contouring with Primark’s PS contour kit

Contouring has been the best kept secret of runway models and celebrities for very long , but now has turned out to be the most talked about makeup trend by almost every girl who loves makeup.

Contouring is mainly for those of you who would love to flaunt the supermodel kind of look with chiseled high check bones , having the perfectly structured nose, brighter under eyes and a well defined jaw line. The technique of contouring is to create shadows and highlights to emphasise certain features on the face to achieve the sculpted look. The Idea is to simply accentuate your natural features and define your profile.

There are number of cream and powder based contour kits in the market. Powder based contouring is subtle and more natural as opposed to Cream contouring. Some of the best contour kits to look out for are :

  •  The Anastasia Beverly hills contour kit ($40)
  • Two faced cocoa contour kit ($40)
  • Kat Von D shade+ light contour palette ($46)
  • Smashbox contour kit ($45)
  • Laura Mercier flawless contouring palette ($50)

While we take baby steps into mastering the art of contouring like Kim Kadarshian , it is good to start off with a less expensive kit from the drugstore like NYX , Sleek contour kit or Primark’s PS love contour kit to practise the technique before you splurge 40 dollars on a high end brand.

The Primark’s PS love contour kit is perfect for beginners ,which is a three coloured powder contour palette. The Primark’s contour kit retailing for a mere £4 is too good to be true !

The kit comes in a sleek black packaging which very similar to the Smashbox contour palette that retails for 28£ !

Each contour kit has a deep contour shade to create the shadows , a bronzing shade to add some warmth and a highlighting shade to brighten up. It also comes in colour ranges for fairer and darker skin tones.

This kit comes with a mirror and a angled contour brush, which is really cool and perfect for travel. The pigmentation and blendablility is pretty good. They also give us a small phamflet with instructions and a demo on how to use the palette, for those of you who are new to the concept of contouring.

The Primark’s contour crayons… My absolute favourite of the two ! They come in two dark contour crayons  and one highlighting crayon. The pack also includes a sharpener that comes handy. The consistency is smooth ,creamy and very highly pigmented. All this for just  £3 !!!

I personally prefer Cream contour products as they help to sculpt the face with more precise lines , that can be smoothly blended out with a damp beauty blender to create more definition. It works best for nose contouring to make even deflected or rounded noses to appear narrow, straight and pointed.Well, Doesn’t that sound like magic?! 😉

The Primark’s contour sticks are similar to the Smashbox contour stick trio.

For all you Indian beauties out there, I will link down some of the best contour products that can be shipped to India :

  1. NYX wonder stick.
  2.  LA girl velvet bronze contour sticks.
  3.  The cover fx contour kit.
  4. The pur cosmetics cameo contour
  5. The Anastasia beverly hills contour palette

Overall, The Primark’s contour palette/contour crayons is a budget friendly option. Though I wouldn’t be able to compare the quality with other high end brands, I would have to say it is perfect for beginners and is definetely a good deal for what you pay !

Thank you for reading ,Hope this was useful. Do share your thoughts or recommendations.


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